I’m your friendly neighborhood ex-Microsoft guy to the rescue. I don’t work miracles, but I may be able to help you avoid costly or unnecessary expense. And I am now an officially licensed LLC in Washington, and registered with the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.

Some of the services I provide:

  • How to set up WiFi, or a new router? Or…how to buy a decent router and avoid paying monthly rent for the stuff that your internet provider gives you.
  • Difficulty finding or printing to a WiFi printer
  • Debug networking problems (I can help you answer questions like “Is it me? Or is it my internet provider?” etc.)
  • Questions on Mac or Windows setup or configuration
  • Light disaster recovery (your hard drive died, etc.)
  • Related to the above…set up backups for you
  • Anti-virus setup and configuration…or just advice
  • Replace your slow old hard drive with a super-fast SSD
  • Add RAM to your PC or Mac
  • Recover photos or documents from a “dead” PC or Mac
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of old equipment
  • New! Remote support!
  • General “how to” questions

Right now, this business is my priority, so I’m reasonably available, but my hours are by appointment only. I’m usually pretty responsive to emails, although replies to “after hours” inquiries may  not happen until my next “business day”.

I also realize that people might be a little wary of a stranger coming to their house (or opening up their computer to remote support), so feel free to email me to set up a phone call. You can tell me more about what’s causing your tech frustration, and help me prepare better for a possible “house call”. However, it’s always possible that I might just have some advice for you right off the bat.

As above, I can also do remote support, i.e., take over your computer over the network, and fix things for you from afar. So if we are already acquainted, you may want to choose this route.