I have different rate schedules, one for residential, and another for commercial.

My residential rate for a “house call” is $35, but that’s not just for showing up – it gets you the first hour of my work. After that, I charge $25 per hour, in multiples of whole hours. In other words, if I work 1 hour and 15 minutes, that would be $35 + $25, for a total of $60.

My commercial rates, as you would expect, are higher, though reasonably negotiable. The standard charge for a commercial “house call” is $75, and includes the first hour of work. I usually charge $60 per hour for additional hours after that. As above, charges are multiples of whole hours.

For both residential and commercial, the following additional charges apply the same:

  • If I need to buy equipment or software to address your problem, I’ll pass that on to you at my cost.
  • Other things have a one-time charge. For example, I’ll charge $10 for disposal/recycle of a “dead” laptop. Note that this includes destroying the hard drive so none of your personal data can ever be scavenged from it..